NOUVELLE BARBE Beard collection

With Nouvelle Barbe project, tonsors want to share craft skill and right care of beard, making gentle men live a unique experience. To talk about giving style to a raw material as man beard is, to introduce a new and natural approch to male universe and to study history and future of a hand work as barber is, they choose illustration. I made it inspired by rocks and rough nature, becoming sophisticated. I did firstly pencil drawings and than I worked with digital tools. I made also calligraphic titles with a Japanese brush pen.

 Beard collection
It is not a matter to decide fashion styles.
It is a matter to to take care of.


Nouvelle Barbe is a project presented by Tonsor club
the barber inaugurated by Les Garcons De La Rue
in the heart of Milan. 

Tonsors want to share craft skill and right care that spring 
from a little but so sophisticated area of man face: beard,
making gentle men live a unique experience behind the times.


The structure and the philosophy of Nouvelle Barbe
are explained in a national presentation which contains elements of anatomy,
psychology, techniques of cutting and shaving of beards and mustaches,
besides characteristics of optimal products to use and relative marketing strategies.

To talk about giving style to a raw material as man beard is,
to introduce a new and natural approch to male universe
and to study history and future of a hand work as barber is, 
nothing else could be better that drawing.

Two styles are chosen for the first presentation of the project:
the outstanding and the restrained way.


Thank you.

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